Step by Step Data Conversion

LogoKecilHere I want to share how to conversion data with accurate and successfully, there isĀ Step by Step Data Conversion :

  1. Make documentationĀ  about the data source, please list name off file, page number, lost page etc.
  2. Review source of Document. You can read before, so you know about the topic which you will conversion
  3. Make sure what kind of output do you will, Doc or tabel
  4. Conversaion proccess, if you have legal software conversion you can use it, or you can retype if don’t.
  5. After finish conversion you must read the output file, comparing between Input and output, and also make sure they are in the sam value
  6. Make docummentation for all

But, if You very busy to do this job. You can tell me and i will finish Your Job.

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